3PL Solutions

We partner with 3PLs to help them drive efficiency, lower their barriers to success and remove friction in the process

"Just in the last nine months, we’ve recouped more than $150,000 in fraud cases thanks to a better ability to spot them."

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3PL Solutions

3PLs were created out of necessity and opportunity. These already industrious companies face all new opportunities around reverse logistics and what it means to partner with sellers and suppliers alike.

We don't compete with your WMS solution

We collaborate with it. We enable you to do more with your existing processes and technology to increase revenue and capacity.

We don’t have a WMS, but we make your WMS smarter.  We don’t create orders, but we make orders and fulfillment metrics visible. 

We don’t have an eCommerce storefront, but we help you create smarter connections to your clients’ eCommerce systems

What We Offer

3PL Returns Desk

Powerful cloud software that helps 3PLs of all sizes streamline their operations, increase productivity, and boost revenue

3PLs Love Octolan Returns Desk

Clients The Visibility and Control

Amazon Returns Automation

Having difficulty making sense of ASINs, FNSKUs and LPNs associated with your Amazon returns?  Frustrated with the inability to identify returned items?  Suspect Fraud???

Our Amazon Return Features

With the increasing volume of returns, Amazon's order fulfillment creates a large workload and challenges become a seemingly unsurmountable

API & EDI Automation

Seamless Integration of APIs and EDI Solutions for 3PL Excellence

API Connectivity

EDI Competency

Start Optimizing

Thrive Without More Headcount

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