Supplier Solutions

Our team understands the plight of the supplier in today’s environment of “supply chain problems” 

"When you extrapolate that process to hundreds of brands and thousands of SKUs, you have to have the right solution to let clients define processes for each one​."

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Supplier Solutions

Octolan Technology provides SaaS solutions to address several challenges in the supply chain. From order to cash, procure to pay and returns management, Octolan has solutions to help fill the gaps and remove pain points from daily processes.

What We Offer

API & EDI Automation

We say "YES AND THIS IS HOW…' when other vendors say NO

We’re a more recent provider in the market.  Most of our team has been building and implementing EDI solutions for over 25 years per individual, not cumulatively across the team.  We’ve taken 25 years of experience and architected a complete and thorough solution. 


Ask us about our conversion discounts from competitive products! 

We partner with entities that have been in the EDI space for decades not only to ensure we have the right technology and people in place, but that we also flex and add value with their technologies and services as well. 

If you are based in the US, so is your business hour support team. 

We’re a trusted team in the EDI space, we have the experience and true customer empathy that helps us succeed where others fail. 

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Sustainability and the Circular Economy

How can a returns processing system positively affect sustainability and support the circular economy?

Proper returns management can save costs through reduced fees paid to disposal facilities, improved inventory control and generating revenue through refurbished and resold items.

Returns Processing

According to the National Retail Federation and other sources, retail returns accounted for between $814 Billion and $859 Billion in returned products and lost revenue. 

While retailers have begun to revise and tighten up their returns policies, experts don’t foresee a dramatic decrease in returns. 

Until now, the retail supply community has not had an effective way to audit returned products and reconcile with negotiated allowances. 

Direct to consumer shipments of apparel and home goods account for over 50% of eCommerce returns. 

The Octolan Returns Desk helps companies from start-up stage to enterprise organizations manage their returns process. 

We don’t just provide technology, we enable a repeatable process that can optimize your returns processing. 

Fight Fraud!  With our image capture technology we can associate the dispositioning workflow with images throughout the returns process to enable greater fraud detection and handling capabilities 

Are you staging your returns when they arrive?  How can this improve customer satisfaction and decrease returned product shrinkage? 


It’s all too easy to claim “supply chain problems” in today’s environment.  With the focus of the world on supply chain and the now visible challenges, seasoned veterans know this is nothing new.  We all have better processes, skilled people and enhanced technology.  Our challenge now comes from reverse logistics. 

A singular definition for reverse logistics seems easy enough: 
Reverse logistics is the process of managing product returns, repairs, and recycling in the supply chain. It involves handling goods from the point of consumption back to their origin, with the aim of reducing waste and maximizing value recovery. 

Yet the definition of a Reverse Logistics System or Returns Management System becomes more hazy.  With most of the technical solutions in the marketplace focused on the consumer experience of creating a return within their eCommerce platform, the identified process stops once the customer releases control of the merchandise.  What happens next?  How do we ensure we’re recapturing maximum value of the returned products?  How do we responsibly repackage, reuse or recycle products? 

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Amazon Returns Automation

We Now Offer the Power of Our Returns Desk Automation for Amazon Sellers!

Connects Your Amazon Seller Central Account with Your Octolan Returns Account

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